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Zumba Class Schedule


Zumba Questions & Answers

Zumba is a Latin-insipired fitness PARTY!  

Lose weight, burn calories, tone your body and have FUN   Our instructors prove that working out doesn't have to feel like work!  They combine a variety of easy steps plus cardio and toning moves to provide a total body work-out.  Hot music (latin & popular) , a rockin' sound system and dance club style lighting make this the BEST Zumba class in the area!  We offer a wood floor (no hard concrete), and plenty of room to shake what your momma gave you!

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q:  How do I learn the steps?

A:  Instructors do non-verbal cueing & review new

      steps prior to class

Q:  Is this a dance class?

A:  No it's a fitness class with easy to follow steps.

Q:  Is there an age limit?

A:  No children under 10

Q: I'm new to this. Should I feel awkward?

A: New students start every single session.  You WON'T be the only new person, and you WON'T feel out of place.  The instructors stand on a stage, and you'll be able to see her and follow along.  Don't expect to get all of the moves in your first class.   We rotate rows so you'll get a chance to be up front.  If you would rather stay in the back, you can.

Q: Will we be wearing skates?

A: Zumba is not done on skates. We will be using the main skating floor and fun lights though!

Q: What should I wear/bring?

A: Wear cool, comfortable layers of clothing.  Dance sneakers or sneakers with a smooth sole are best.  Bring water to keep you hydrated.

More Info .... 717-938-3777  or

Cat & Kim - check out the two BEST Zumba instructors

in our area!  They make class FUN & FOR YOU!  No pre-registration required.  Class for all fitness levels.

- Mondays - Kim 6:30 - 7:30 pm  

- Saturdays - Cat  9 - 10 am

* If Cat’s Saturday class is canceled due to weather we will try to do a make-up class on Sunday 12 – 1 pm.  

Class cancellations will be noted on Cat’s Facebook Page at least 60 minutes before class start time.  People not on Facebook can ask Cat for her text number or call the rink 717-938-3777.

Class Fee $5,  Class fee collected by Instructor so cash only please


We love kids however children under the age of 10 may not participate in class or be in the rink during class.  Children 10 & over must have adult supervision during class both on and off the floor.