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Zumba Class Schedule


Zumba Questions & Answers

Zumba is a Latin-insipired fitness PARTY!  

Lose weight, burn calories, tone your body and have FUN   Our instructors prove that working out doesn't have to feel like work!  They combine a variety of easy steps plus cardio and toning moves to provide a total body work-out.  Hot music (latin & popular) , a rockin' sound system and dance club style lighting make this the BEST Zumba class in the area!  We offer a wood floor (no hard concrete), and plenty of room to shake what your momma gave you!

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q:  How do I learn the steps?

A:  Instructors do non-verbal cueing & review new

      steps prior to class

Q:  Is this a dance class?

A:  No it's a fitness class with easy to follow steps.

Q:  Is there an age limit?

A:  We have ages 6 - 60!  

Q: I'm new to this. Should I feel awkward?

A: New students start every single session.  You WON'T be the only new person, and you WON'T feel out of place.  The instructors stand on a stage, and you'll be able to see her and follow along.  Don't expect to get all of the moves in your first class.   We rotate rows so you'll get a chance to be up front.  If you would rather stay in the back, you can.

Q: Will we be wearing skates?

A: Zumba is not done on skates. We will be using the main skating floor and fun lights though!

Q: What should I wear/bring?

A: Wear cool, comfortable layers of clothing.  Dance sneakers or sneakers with a smooth sole are best.  Bring water to keep you hydrated.

More Info .... 717-938-3777  or

Cat & Kim - check out the two BEST Zumba instructors

in our area!  They make class FUN & FOR YOU!

- Mondays - Kim 6:30 - 7:30 pm  (no 12/25 class)

- Saturdays - Cat  9 - 10 am

Adults $5, ages 9 - 12  $3.  Just show up!   No pre-registration rerquired.  Class for all ages & fitness levels.

* We love kids however ... they must have adult supervision during class both on and off the floor.