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Birthday Party Details & FAQ


Check-in:  Arrive at the beginning of the skating session. We will be setting up for parties so you will not be able to go in before the session starts. Check in at the cashier window with party count and get wristbands for your guests.  You will be charged for the number of wristbands that you take.  Wristbands give your guests admission and skates.  Order any party add-ons at this time.  Party balance will be collected at the end of the session.

Skating Time:  Skating & games are during the session and your guests may skate before and after refreshments are served.

Refreshment time in Party Area:  Parties are served between 2:00 – 3:15.  Since there will be several parties we cannot guarantee a specific time.  Your table will be available to you for at least 1 hour.  You may not have the table for the first hour of the session since we do several parties during the session.   We have private room options if you want a room for the entire session.  The DJ will call your party when your refreshments are on the table.  Please serve your cake during this time.  We only reserve seating for paid party guests.  We recommend that gifts be opened at home so that your guests can enjoy skating.  Your guests, gifts, and personal items should be out of the party area by the end of your 1 hour since we may need to prepare the table for the next party.  Please do not put coats and shoes on tables and benches.


Refreshment time in Private Room:  You have the room for the entire session.  The DJ will call your party when your food is ready.  Parties are served between 2:00 – 3:15.  Since there will be several parties we cannot guarantee a specific time.

Cakes:  We will hold your cake.  You are responsible for cutting and serving your cake.  Please bring anything you need for your cake - plates, forks, candles, knife.   We recommend that you serve your cake before 3:30 pm since the session ends at 4:00.  Please no other outside food/drink!

Adult Admission:  Let us know if you are paying for adults to skate.   Adults who wish to skate must pay admission & skate rental.  Adult spectators are free.  All children not included in your party must pay admission.

Personal items:  Shoes, clothing, and valuables should be put in lockers and not left on the party tables.

Clean-up:  Our Party Staff will clean up your party tables/room at the end of your party time.

Party balance:  Will be collected at the end of the session.  Your deposit will be deducted from your balance.  Cash, check or credit card.  Gratuity is not built into your party bill and is at your discretion.

Birthday Q & A

When should I arrive? 

At the start of the party to check-in and get your wristbands.  Since our staff will be doing prep work for the party session, we are unable to admit you or your guests early.

Does the birthday child count as a guest?

Yes, you will need to include birthday child in your party count.

Do non-skating children pay admission?

All children must pay admission.

Do non-skating adults pay admission?

No, if they are not skating.  If they want to skate they need to pay admission and skate rental at the cashier window.  Please let us know if you are paying for adults so we can add them to your party.

Is skate rental included?  Are Skate Mates included?  

Skate rental is included.  Skate Mates are not included.

How do they get skates?

Show the wristband at the skate rental counter.  Shoes will be held in skate room.

Can I bring any other food other than a cake?

No other food or drink, please!

Do I bring cake plates?

Yes,  bring anything you need to serve the cake ... plates, napkins, forks, candles and serving utensil.

Do I need to bring a tablecloth and cups?

There’s a vinyl tablecloth on the table.  We provide small cups with ice for the soda.  If you’d like to bring special themed paper items, tablecloth and cups, please give them to us so we can set them up for you.

Is it cheese pizza only?  Gluten free?

Cheese only since this is what most kids prefer.  We do not have gluten free pizza.

How much pizza and soda do we get?

Each paid party guest receives pizza slice & drink.  You may order extra soda and pizza for adults if needed.

If we don’t want coke can we choose another soda?

Yes, we have non-caffeinated soda or punch.  Please let us know by party check-in.

Will I be the only party?

No, we do several parties throughout the skating session.  We have a private birthday party option if you would like the entire rink for your party.

What time will I have my food served?

Any time between 2:00 - 3:15 pm.  If you need to be served at a specific time we will do our best to accommodate you.

How long do I have the party table for refreshments? 

You have a table in the party area for approximately 1 hour.  Then we will clean up the table for the next party. 

Do you have party rooms & how long do I have it?

Party rooms are available for an extra fee & you have it for the entire skating session.

Do you serve my food and cake?

We will bring the cake to the table.  It is up to you to cut and serve your cake.

Who cleans up & when?

Our staff will clean up your tables at the end of your party time.

Can we bring helium balloons?

Yes,  but please put a weight on them so they don’t fly up to the ceiling.

What do we do with gifts and shoes?

Please put any valuables, coats or shoes in lockers.  Lockers are only .50.  Coats and shoes should not be left on party tables.  We can hold gifts for you if needed.

If there’s bad weather and we have to cancel the party do we get our deposit back?

If  you can’t reschedule your party due to bad weather, your deposit will be refunded.